About KTOP

About KTOP


KTOP is a professional ILS company, providing key ILS engineering solutions for both defence and commercial projects.

KTOP aims to be the global ILS & Engineering Service leading company.

KTOP was the International Business division at KATEC. It has been, and established as a separate company in June 2016 to focus on providing high quality international ILS and engineering services for global customers. With our accumulated know-hows and knowledge, we provide customized services and set the market standard that our competitors follow. We stay close to our customers to understand and exceed their expectations. We closely monitor global market trends to provide better and greater services for you.

2021 Changed the company name to KTOP
2018 Developed customized computer based training programs for the New Zealand Navy National Assignment “Elevator Operation and Maintenance Training System using Mixed Reality Technology”
2017 Provided ILS for 30 equipment types including BWTS, Power Distribution Board, Sonar, Network systems, Fire Fighting System, Store Lift and many more.
Provide ILS services for the New Zealand Navy Maritime Sustainment Capability Project
Provide ILS services for the Norwegian Navy Logistic Support Vessel
National Assignment “Oil Chemistry Plan O&M knowledgebase Framework Integrated System Concept Design and Development
2016 Launched KATEC TCS
2015 Made MOU with BMT, a global ILS company based in the UK.
2013 Opened Ulsan Branch and Jinhae Office
2011 Registered as a collaborative company to Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd., Samyoung Logistics & Engineering Technology Service, Hyunkwang Electronics & Telecommunications, Doosan Mottrol Co., Ltd., and Mirae Industry Machine Co., Ltd.
2010 Recognized by Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) (2010),
Registered as a collaborative company to Bumhan Industry Co., Ltd., KTE Co., Ltd., Century Co., Ltd.
2009 Registered as a collaborative company to Hyundai Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd., Hanjin Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd., and Kangnam Co., Ltd.
2008 Registered as a collaborative company to Daesung Marine Tech, Low Technology Co., Ltd. Samyang Chemical Industry, and Samyang Composite Technology Co., Ltd.
2001 Established KATEC

We, all KTOP members, will achieve our mission with our creative and challenging minds and responsible attitude.