Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Training Solutions

KTOP works closely with our clients to provide integrated training solutions by using our effective software tools and cutting edge technology to maximize successful training effects.

KTOP utilizes high technology and software using AR/VR simulation to produce tailored training solutions.

We understand the special requirements and characteristics of each trainee group, and we develop tailored and comprehensive training packages for systems, sub-systems, and/or equipment to increase the trainees’ level of competency. Also, elements of training package can be used as your sales and promotion material for your new employees and customers.

KTOP’s training solutions consists of the following task groups:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Package Design
  • Training Package Development
  • Training implementation & Evaluation

We, not only develop Computer Based Training packages, but also implement training courses for you.

  • Identify system level ship maintenance
  • Analyse operations and maintenance tasks and identify training needs
  • Manage your training plans and schedules